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Want to learn
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This is How to Sang




How to Sang is all about conveniently learning how to use your voice consistently so you feel more confidently about your sound + performance.

I vocal coach clients by using practical exercises + physical cues to lead to consistent singing. 

Consistency is HUGE when it comes to being able to sing in high stress situations aka - when you're nervous! If you are consistent with your voice, it will grow accordingly. This growth and confidence in your voice can override even the most intense nerves. This has been especially true for me.

Singing is not this airy fairy thing. It is extremely practical. I'm here to coach you to bridge the gap. So many of you feel disconnected and out of control with your voices. You feel like you are not the master of your craft. But you can be!

Each 30-minute session includes:

8-10 minutes of breathing

10 minutes of vocal exercises (catered to each client)

10 minutes of focusing the skills in a song of choice

*I also offer 1-hour sessions.

X Factor &

The Voice

Check out my performances from The Voice Australia The X Factor Australia.

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