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TRENDY: Apple Cider Vinegar

We all love a good natural remedy, right? WRONG.

I’ve been wanting to debunk this apple cider vinegar trend for so long, especially pertaining to singers. Apple cider vinegar became a trendy thing in the last couple of years with YouTubers and influencers taking shots of it or drinking it in their water every morning. This really bothered me because I was now seeing MANY singers use apple cider vinegar on a daily basis. IMMEDIATELY NO.

Why you ask?

Let’s look into it.

Apple cider vinegar is an ACID, albeit a weak acid but still an acetic acid.

"Apple cider vinegar has the potential to cause esophageal (throat) burns.
A review of harmful liquids accidentally swallowed by children found acetic acid from vinegar was the most common acid that caused throat burns.”

“Anecdotally, acidic foods or liquids like vinegar may exacerbate acid reflux.”

I’ve discussed acid reflux and singers in a previous blog post but basically, acid reflux leads to excess mucus which leads to a loss of dexterity (flexibility) in the vocal cords AKA it’s harder to sing and you have less control!

The main listed benefit for consuming apple cider vinegar routinely is aiding in weight loss. If you want to be a better singer, there are better weight loss alternatives that won’t potentially burn your throat!

And if it can be used as a cleaning agent, you probably shouldn’t be ingesting it as a singer! 🤭

If you're looking for an alternative, have a spoonful of honey or some apple juice! Should I elaborate on this in another blog post?

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See you soon + stay warm! Cx

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