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I am currently 30 weeks pregnant. GO ME!

But seriously, I get a lot of questions on how my singing is going now that I am…growing.

To be completely honest, I have not seen a huge difference yet. The baby is currently not too high up so I still have full diaphragm movement and I am not experiencing shortness of breath while singing - except I do experience it when walking to the kitchen 😂

The one thing I have noticed and what this blog is all about:


I feel like I knew this before but now with the pregnancy, every single note I sing literally squeezes my baby. I didn’t realize that I even engage my core for ‘simple’ notes and techniques. I was under the impression that I engaged my core more when singing high and/or powerfully. I was wrong.

Basically, if you are not engaging your core with proper breathing technique, you are missing out on powerful singing and singing with ease.

I still have stamina even while being really pregnant. I am not tired by the end of a song. Sometimes I have to refocus a note to make sure I’m maximizing my air but other than that, it just keeps me from cheating and breathing shallowly.


I’ll leave you with my BEST 3 TIPS to engage your core when breathing/singing.

#1 YOU MUST STRENGTHEN YOUR DIAPHRAGM + focus your breathing from your core.

Squeeze your abdominals muscles when breathing out (exhaling).

In the diagram below you can see that the diaphragm moves up when exhaling, helping to 'squeeze' all of the air out of your lungs. When you use your core to strengthen that squeeze, you can powerfully expel your air when singing particular notes.


#2 Do breathing exercises 3x a week for about 5 minutes. EASY.

You can also check out my favorite breathing exercises below.


#3 Always focus your air through your mask (cheeks) not just your mouth.

Just keep practicing this concept and you will find that your air goes much further. You will have more reserve and honestly, singing will feel easier. Especially high notes or more delicate parts of songs where you can find yourself struggling to maintain control.



Some of y’all aren’t going to like this…DO SOME FORM OF CARDIO.

Practice core breathing while jogging/cycling/fast walking/etc. Make sure your heart rate is up and focus on engaging your core during each exhalation.


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Let me know in the comment section if you have any questions!

See you soon + stay warm! Cx

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