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Do you have a DRY THROAT?

Lately I’ve been hearing a few complaints from my clients about their dry throat. This is a very common symptom due to changes in weather, dehydration, allergies, fatigue, some medications, etc.

It may be hard for you to pinpoint the exact reason behind your dry throat but regardless of the reason, there are a few natural remedies that I have found to be helpful in vocal lubrication and overall soothing of the throat.

As a working singer, I need to be prepared to experience any and all types of outside factors that could affect my vocal ability and overall control.


  1. DRINK WATER - this one is obvious. Drink over the daily recommended amount if you can.

  2. Saline nasal rinse - this prevents histamine reaction to allergens.

  3. Saline gargle - soothing and preventative.

  4. Honey - soothing and lubricative. Try locally sourced to aid in allergy relief!

  5. Licorice tea - soothing and an anti-inflammatory. I have also found licorice tea to be beneficial in breaking up phlegm.

  6. Peppermint tea - soothing and an anti-inflammatory.

  7. Steaming - I love my portable steamer. You can pick this up at your local chemist/drug store. It adds moisture directly to the area!

  8. Apple juice - this one may seem odd but apple juice can help break up phlegm with the citric acid it contains but also coat the vocal cords for comfort.

  9. Eat a balanced diet - Eat protein, iron rich veggies, low GI carbs to fuel!

  10. SLEEP MORE - Sleep is one of the best aids for vocal tenacity. Try to prioritize sleep AND water.

Some things to avoid to decrease the dry throat sensation:

  • Avoid citrus

  • Avoid spicy

  • Avoid greasy

  • Avoid pasta - this might just be me but I feel like carb loading too close to singing really dries me out and drags me down!

  • Avoid cold drinks - cold drinks soothe by numbing. This is only a negative when you need to sing because you never want to numb the voice before singing.

  • Avoid the obvious like shouting, drinking alcohol and smoking (this includes marijuana or any other substance that is inhaled).

  • AVOID ANYTHING THAT NUMBS - like cough drops, lozenges, etc.

  • LASTLY...DO NOT CLEAR YOUR THROAT! This will only make the problem worse.


I live by these tips EVERY DAY - besides the occasional spicy/greasy meal 😜 I try to save those meals for none performance days.

Let me know in the comment section if you have any questions!

See you soon + stay warm! Cx

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