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Environmental Factors that affect the Voice

There are many factors which can affect your voice and your vocal performance.

Today I will list some of the environmental factors that you may face coming into a change of season - #HappySeptember!

But I also want to share some of my tried and true ways to BEAT these factors to sing at your best!


  • Alleriges

  • Artificial climates - air conditioning + heating systems

  • Altered humidity

  • Extreme temperatures (hot to cold, cold to hot)

  • Dryness (often caused by heaters)

  • Dust

  • Chemicals (often exposed to while cleaning, etc.)

  • High altitudes (Yes - flights!)

  • Noise (excess exposure to noise, loud venues, the club, etc.)

  • Hygiene (being in an unclean environment)

  • Accommodation (not exactly environmental but can impact the voice and vocal performance if there is no adequate hygiene/humidity/rest)


If you are finding your voice tired, dry, extra mucus-y, tight - try some of these “tender loving care” options!


Nasal saline rinse

  • Life saver for allergies. I do this multiple times a day if I’m experiencing allergy attacks. Especially spring time pollen! 🤢

Gargling with salt water

  • For dryness, allergies and excess mucus (also a good preventative for sickness and infections).


  • 8-10 hours

  • Combats everything!


  • 3+ liters of water/day or more to combat everything.

  • Throw in a gatorade to replenish electrolytes, salts and minerals.

  • Combats everything!

Healthy diet with protein, fruits, vegetables, and carbohydrates.

  • Don’t skimp on the protein and low GI carbs!

Limit or avoid dairy products to reduce mucus production.

Spoonfuls of honey

  • Alleviates dryness and tightness.

  • Soothing for itchy throat from allergy attacks.

  • Can help ease allergy attacks.

Licorice tea + Peppermint Tea

  • Soothing for everything

  • Anti inflammatory for sore throats (often caused by allergies, dust and chemical exposure).

Portable steamers

  • Great for dryness AND EXCESS MUCUS production.

Room humidifier the night before any big event

Slow warm ups

  • Helps break up mucus.

Scarf around the neck to keep the voice area warm

  • This is great to minimize extreme temperature exposures especially when cold outside or even inside a cold building.

Sip liquids constantly

Wash your hands


  • If you have 15 minutes one hour before your performance, take a little cat nap! Try to keep it less than 25 minutes as you can feel really groggy and you’ll also need time to warm up the voice.

Pack things that bring comfort to your accommodation.

  • Portable steamers

  • Your own pillow

  • Teas you love

  • Eat healthy - bring protein powder, rice pouches, cans of tuna, etc!

  • Essential oils to put at the bottom of a hot shower to help open up the sinuses

  • Humidifier


I've been using these TLC moments for years and for literally every audition (there's been a lot). Do you have any TLC moments you'd like to share?!

Comment them below!

See you soon + stay warm! Cx

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